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What alumni are saying about MMA!
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"MMA is hands down the best course I've ever taken."

- Laura

"Before MMA, my credit score was in the 500s. Now my scores are in the 700s and in good standing. I now look at money in a total different light. I now know money is a tool, and it does not run me."

- Maryann

"Money Mind Academy is literally MIND-BLOWING!! I have enjoyed this class more than anything I’ve joined before. This is the best money I have ever spent on a course!"

- Rhonda

"I didn't realize I had so many limiting beliefs."
- Louisa

I enrolled in MMA because my relationship with money was characterized by anxiety and fear. Everything that had to do with money was a challenge. MMA has helped me overcome my fears. Money no longer scares me. It no longer stresses me out. I don't know how I would have gotten there without this course.

— Patrizia

It took the fear away.

Before attending MMA I had a limit to my income, a ceiling, a limiting belief of what I could earn or what I was worth.

After completing MMA I was able to triple my income. I'm now able to have enough money to support my parents in their last years of life, and have some extra money for myself and my family.

It changed my relationship with money and took the fear away. Money is abundant and it's always coming my way in the most bizarre ways.

__ Marivi

"I was shocked at how many negative money beliefs I uncovered and thrilled by the number of opportunities that have been coming my way. Thank you!"

- Andria

"One year after starting MMA, I was going through my figures for the financial year and I nearly fell off my chair, I had literally doubled my income to the dollar! Thank you, Sean and MMA."

- Taylos

"By shifting my perception of money and myself, my life has changed significantly since taking the course. My business, despite COVID-19 lockdown, is still growing. And June has been the most successful month in my 25 years conducting the business."

- Tom

"This will change your life."
- Jennifer

I went through a really rough divorce after busting my hump to get rid of debt (credit cards and his student loans) and was fortunate to escape debt-free except my mortgage. I lost half of my household income and took a chance when I enrolled in MMA. I have been able to learn why I struggled with money and am happy to say I have a new outlook on money and security. My bank account is growing and I wasn’t terrified when I was furloughed during Covid. If you’re ready to have a new outlook on money and security, MMA is the right place for you!

— Diann

Helped me pay off $100K in credit card debt.

Money Mind Academy (MMA) is something every human being should go through. MMA helped me pay off $100k in credit card debt and generate over $400k in revenue. And this is only the beginning. If you have money blocks, worry that you are not worth your value or any of those stories that might be in your head, MMA is for you.

- Michelle

"IT WORKS, PEOPLE! If you want to let go of fear and apathy and create the life you dream of, sign up today."

- Louisa

"EVERYONE should take this class, because the passion and knowledge in which Sean’s delivers this class is unexplainable."

- Karen

"MMA uncovered preprogrammed money beliefs that we were totally unaware of. Sean is a great teacher and was able to translate complex ideas into everyday language, which allowed us to really understand where we needed to make positive changes in our behaviors. We thoroughly enjoyed the course."

- Diana & Kevin Jones

"I've seen an 80% increase in sales for my business."
- Leah

Thanks to MMA, I’ve finally been able to stop self sabotaging with money. The emotional charge of dealing with and speaking about finances is gone. We’re making huge progress on our financial goals and changing our family’s money legacy.

— Jennifer

I paid off $28K of debt.

Through all the “baby step” programs that deal with paying off debt, I never learned how to adjust my mindset. MMA has freed me from that trap, and since going through MMA, I attract abundance in a positive way, and I have paid off over $28,000 in additional debt.

Because I’ve learned how to fix my mind and think in a certain way, I’ll never worry about being laid off from my job again. I am prospering, and I’m looking forward to creating even more wealth for myself and blessing others. Thank you, Sean, for freeing my mind!

- Michael

"MMA is the best investment I’ve ever made in my financial and creative destiny."

- April

"I would definitely recommend this course to anyone who is ready for a shift because it can literally change everything."

- Amber

"MMA is the most interesting course on manifesting, and it works! I highly recommend it."

- Carol

I bought my first family home.

After doing MMA, I bought my first family home. The house we bought, when we first went to see it, was so far out of our budget that family members thought we were ridiculous for even going to look at it. We were literally laughed at.

Twelve months on we bought that house, paying for over half of it in cash! One of the family members recently told me that “You guys went from zero to hero in twelve months!” 

- Darren

"This is the real deal."
- Brian

This program is worth the investment for anyone. I wish I had these tools when I was in my 20’s. It would have made my relationship with money profound and allowed me a greater degree of financial freedom. I am now 63 and am totally excited to do this program again.

— Peter

Everyone should take this course.

I’m so glad that I enrolled in Money Mind Academy. I really needed to do the inner work to clear limiting beliefs about money that I had from childhood, and boost my self-esteem. I’ve gone from scarcity thinking to abundance thinking about money, and it has expanded to other areas of my life. Everyone should take the MMA course. It should be required to graduate from high school or college. Take action and enroll.

- Desiree

"One of the best investments I've made on myself."

- Lulu

"I’ve finally been able to stop self sabotaging with money. The emotional charge of dealing with and speaking about finances is gone."

- Jennifer

"My bank account has never looked better. This is a MUST take course for anyone who is serious about reaching their money goals."

- Leah

"I quit a contracting gig that was underpaying me ... and in less than 2 weeks I had two more contracts that amounted to triple the one I turned down."
- Natilee

When I signed up for MMA back in September of 2019. The support, clear guidance, accountability, and breakthroughs I experienced in those 2 months is beyond my wildest dreams. Sean helped me breakthrough my own limitations to find my passion and my purpose. I dropped the old fears, started my own business and once again I am self-sufficient and happier than I ever have been.

— Joyce

I attracted $85,693 in net assets!

The course content, the research, and the delivery were all top-notch. And so were my results! While enrolled in the class, my income increased by 25% and, most of all, I opened myself to an opportunity and attracted $85,693 in net assets! NONE of that would have happened if it weren't for this course. It's not magic ... it's real world hard-knocks stuff (and magic too).

- Blake

"I had so many ‘ah-ha’ moments that led to inspired action and real positive money experiences - like attracting $4K and a new car in one week!"

- Shannon

"Halfway through the course I had revenue record breaking week, three times what my usual weekly average was."

- Carla

"Over the years, I’ve tried several other courses, read books, did budgets, the envelope system, etc., but this course taught me so much more! Money Mind Academy was a tremendous help in getting me out of my major debts, and shame around them."

- Steve

"You have to do this."
- Joyce

MMA has given me the tools to change my life. Not just my financial life but my whole entire life. This class is not about how to save money but how you can attract more money in to your life by changing the way you think. It is within all of us to achieve great things, to make money and to live a prosperous life. This class will help you get there. You will not regret one cent spent on this course and if you do the work, your life will change.

— Stephanie

Total game changer.

I didn't have the money to sign up for his Money Mind Academy and I spent days trying to figure out how to make it work. Eventually I signed up and everything in my world changed. After two weeks of class, I launched a digital program I had been working on (sitting on, truth be told) for 4.5 years.

I went from stuck to in the flow in weeks! The course started on January 15, 2019. By March 19th, my earnings surpassed my ENTIRE ANNUAL EARNINGS 2018. You'll be blown away by the far-reaching effect that the tools Sean teaches will have on your financial, emotional and physical well being. Run, don't walk to sign up for this one, folks. It's a TOTAL GAME CHANGER.

- Jodi

"Money Mind Academy was more more powerful and helpful to my life than I could have anticipated."

- Christina

"As early as the first week of class, things began to change for me!"

- Ryan

"Enrolling in Money Mind Academy was a MAJOR reason that I was able to manifest the high-paying job of my dreams, and the friends that I made in the course continue to encourage me to be the best version of myself."

- Rachel

"I'm a much more confident person"
- April

The MMA course was excellent. I highly recommend it to anyone that wants to get more clarity around their business goals and personal goals!  This course has already helped expanded my businesses in exponential ways by giving me the confidence to believe in myself and what I have to offer.

— Jaime

I have steady, reliable income.

Sometimes personal growth is subtle - you stop one day and say to yourself, "WOW! That course REALLY did make a difference!"

I had a huge A-HA last week when I realized that my debts are handled, I have steady and reliable income (NOT something I had before!) I can purchase what I want (not only what I need), and I have enough left over to invest!

I am, for the first time I can remember, at peace with my finances. Without realizing it was happening, I had a huge shift in my money consciousness and I am forever grateful to Sean for a remarkable class and the opportunity to take part in it.

- Janine

"This course will change your life! It not only changes your mindset around money, it changes your mindset around everything."

- Joey

"What I like most about the program is that the concepts are applicable to more than money - it’s applies to relationships, time management, and ultimately how to focus on what you want in life."

- Brittney

"Since MMA, I've gone from regularly dipping into dwindling savings to cover monthly bills, to saving hundreds of dollars each month and having multiple 4-figures in my savings account."

- Rashida

"The community alone, I felt like I got my money's worth."
- Alex

I came into MMA with so many self sabotaging behaviors around money. As I was moving thru MMA it all started to make sense why I felt stuck with money. Since then, because I FINALLY get it, I’m now able to apply the tools I learned and finally come to peace with money. As a result of this I’m currently sitting in Spain working remotely living my dream life free of any money blocks.

— Stephanie

Happier than ever.

When I signed up for MMA back in September of 2019, I had lost my job and was having a hell of a time finding a new one. Being a single mother, this was extremely stressful and I questioned why I spent the money for this course, it seemed crazy, but I knew something needed to change.

The support, clear guidance, accountability, and breakthroughs I experienced in those 2 months is beyond my wildest dreams. Sean helped me breakthrough my own limitations to find my passion and my purpose. I dropped the old fears, started my own business and once again I am self-sufficient and happier than I ever have been.

- Rose

"Since enrolling in MMA my life has been everything but ordinary. And as result, I continue to choose the road that serves my greatest goals -- in spite of fears and protesting ego -- and I am loving my new awesome lifestyle!"

- Ina

"The MMA is a true game changer! Since completing the classes I’ve earned myself an additional raise in my annual salary of $10,360. Two thumbs way up!"

- Jason

"This course was worth every penny because, not only did I get a massive return on investment financially, but on a soul level — I am stronger, more confident, and more committed to my personal values/life work than ever before!"

- Tansy

"Just go for it."
- Antonina

Money Mind Academy is a legit, heavy-duty transformation. Sean doesn't leave any stone unturned in helping us take ownership of our psychology and beliefs around attracting, deserving or bulldog money and wealth. This is an easy-to-follow but seriously well-designed process that I wish he had made years ago.

— David

I grew my business by 300% .

Before MMA I had really unhelpful wiring around money and it showed in my business and bank account! I was a terrible money manager personally and my business was slow going. Since MMA, I've been able to grow my business at a compound annual growth rate of approximately 300%. Personally, I've paid down debt and been able to save money. I no longer use credit cards and feel much more confident in my choices around money. I highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to make shifts around money.  

- Cher

"Sean has done a first-class job with this Money Mind Academy class. I now have a brand new view on money and apply this vision in all my businesses and, most importantly, in my LIFE!"

- Dr. Michael Acanfora

"This course is well worth your time if you want practical ways to stop limiting beliefs and grow your business."

- Erin

"I have gone from uncertainty to confidence when it comes to my finances."

- Rhonda

I more than doubled my income.

Since the first time I took Money Mind Academy, everything has changed. Most importantly, if I keep saving at the same pace I am today I’ll retire with 5 times more money than most financial advisors say is a “good number” for someone in my country.

I’m actually charging as much money as I should be (and I don’t feel guilty for a second), and my income has 2.5x-ed because of it. Oh, and I don’t work as much as I used to.

On top of that in the last year and a half I’ve bought a sweet new convertible and saved enough for an eight week holiday in Europe (as soon as I’m allowed to go). Plus, I’ll be a homeowner in the leafy green suburbs of the worlds third most expensive city/property market by this time next year.

There’s a 0% chance things would be this good if I hadn’t done the work on my money mindset. You genuinely can’t afford to NOT buy this course.

- David

"This course isn't about stringent budgets and giving up lattes. I guarantee you will have many "AHA" moments, enabling you to get out of your own way and develop a positive relationship with money."

- Ruth Anne

"Money Mind Academy is a lot more than a course on money mindset—it's a journey of understanding and releasing the limiting beliefs that hold us back from making our biggest life dreams a reality."

- Lizelly

"This course will change the way you think about money, but more importantly, it will change the way you think about yourself. Highly recommended to all!!"

- Diane

MMA is mind-blowing.

I didn’t think I had any issues with money, but I was wrong! Throughout the program, I was able to see all the limiting beliefs I had and how they were stopping me from reaching my goals.

I no longer look from a place of scarcity, worrying about every dollar spent, but believe in abundance - not only in the realm of money, but everywhere! MMA isn’t just about money… it's about living your best life.

- Nikki

"I was experiencing $10k of credit card debt and I was also afraid to do any of the important things that I needed with my money. That changed DRASTICALLY due to completing MMA. I am so happy and have also FINALLY BOUGHT MY FIRST CAR. MMA has changed me and my mindset forever."

- Karla

"I recommended this course to anyone that has a pulse, because it will work on every aspect of your life.This was the best investment I have made because it started the change and success in my life."

- Angelita

"After eight weeks in Money Mind Academy, I have put my service out into the world, set a financial goal for 2021 that is ambitious but entirely possible, and fear is no longer an obstacle holding me back."

- Kristy

MMA has changed my life.

Since starting MMA, I have a savings account that keeps growing, have been able to give smartly and generously to organizations and friends, and have feelings of empowerment and victory around my finances.

I’ve tried other money programs, but if you are interested to changing how you feel about money, there is no other program that I can recommend more than Money Mind Academy. I am so thrilled that I am part of this family of people committed to learning more and helping others!

- Juliet

After taking Money Mind Academy, I now have a defined money plan and I'll soon be debt-free! The organized planning and positive mindset Sean teaches has helped me to build my business and increase my income month over month. I recommend this class to everyone!

— Adrienne

"Money Mind Academy has changed my life. The things I visualize that I never dreamed could be a reality are effortlessly flowing into my life. Everyone should take MMA even if your focus isn’t about money. It will enrich your life in so many different ways."

- Marla

"MMA has helped us identify all those thoughts that were stopping us from more money and change them into thoughts that help us produce more!"

- Luisa & Johnny

"Money Mind Academy is a game-changer, worth every penny. It shifted my paradigm about abundance and expanded it to include much, much more than money."

- Rita

Life-changing for me.

Money Mind Academy was life changing for me as I've always struggled with personal finances.

Sean's approach and presentation style helped me better understand the "why" behind my own issues with money - where they came from and how to effectively minimize their effects.

It's so much more than another personal finance class - you'll have a better understanding of yourself. Plus, you'll have fun and meet great people along the way!

- Greg

"I needed to change my relationship with money and saw Money Mind Academy as a course to help me attain my financial goals. What I discovered was it's also a course on life! MMA is a catalyst for change."

- Christa

"I finally realized that my mindset was blocking me from achieving some of my goals. I would highly recommend investing in MMA if you’re feeling like all your hard work isn't paying off!"

- Monica

"MMA has helped me to question my beliefs, hold myself accountable, set tangible goals for myself, and learn how to reach them.  I leave every call feeling energized!"

- Laura

I almost didn't enroll in MMA because of doubt and now I'm so glad I did! The weekly lessons have completely changed how I feel about my life and relationship with money. The community is amazing and supportive. The course is life changing!

— Sara

Money flows in my life.

I've always thought I had a pretty good mindset around money, but since starting a business I started to notice that I did indeed have some roadblocks.  I took the plunge into the MMA and it pretty much blew my mind!

In the two months since I have enrolled in this program I have noticed a significant difference in how money flows in my life...because now it is flowing! The money you invest in this program is minute compared to the abundance you will receive. 

- Tara

"Before Money Mind Academy, I had mental blocks pertaining to my financial potential and also struggled with valuing money.  Since completing MMA, I left my full-time job and am working full-time in my private mental health practice!"

- Nia

"From the first class I started living my life differently and more intentionally. I feel more at peace moving forward in life and it's all thanks to Sean. I highly recommend this course — you are worth it!"

- Marguerite

"I am attracting abundance and firing at a frequency that I thought I could only read about. I’m so glad that I became a Money Minder!"

- Nyla

MMA is the best course I’ve ever taken without a shadow of a doubt. No other course out there gives you the insight and understanding of how your brain regards your own success. Once you understand what Sean is teaching in the MMA course there are literally no limits on what you can achieve!

— Brad

I received a promotion at work and a $10k raise!

Before MMA, I was at a plateau with my income that I've been experiencing for the past 3 years. During the course, I was able to unveil limiting beliefs around money I didn't realize I still had and were holding me back.

I ended up receiving a promotion at work, a $10K raise, and paid off my car! I highly recommend MMA to anyone and everyone because it not only improved my money mindset but it has made a ripple effect in all areas of my life and the community is one of a kind.

- Melissa

"MMA provides incredible insight, feedback, and assignments that reinforce, rebuild, and assist you with recognizing self-sabotaging mindsets. It was definitely much-needed financial therapy!"

- Dee

"Money Mind Academy helped me better understand my purpose and my WHY behind wanting to make more money. It helped me gain clarity on my income goals, and I had a hard time figuring that out until I went through this program!"

- Marshall

"Before MMA, I was stuck in a financial wheel of making money and not expanding my mindset. Now, how I view money is different.  100% I would recommend this course to everyone!"

- Mike

"This course is not only about money, but you learn all about your mindset itself. I dove deep into myself and learned how to be unlimited. Thank you Sean!"

- Eriko

I'm seeing more wealth come into my life.

Money Mind Academy has been one of the most actionable and transformative classes that I've ever participated in. I've identified my limiting beliefs and thought processes around money and self-worth and have incorporated the course's tools and practices to shift these beliefs, step by step, on a daily basis. I'm actually seeing more wealth come into my life right now and it feels fantastic!

I highly recommend it to anyone desiring to shift their negative money beliefs and grow into a mindset of abundance.

- Lanai

I have always been interested in personal finance but I feared not having enough money. I KNEW I had to do something to change this chaos going on in my mind, and MMA was so much more than I had hoped for!  The investment is so worth it and the weekly community calls are a gift. Don't think... just do!

— Anna

I've gone from no savings to $11k in the bank.

Sean and MMA helped me discover the limiting beliefs that had kept me financially insecure for so many years.  Since completing the course, I've gone from having no savings to having over $11k in the bank and have learned to stop blocking the flow of money. 

The lessons I've learned through MMA have changed the course of my financial life, and I would highly recommend it to anyone who wonders if they will ever get control of their financial situation.

- Lisa

"I am grateful for my new money mindset which has been blown wide open to accept all the abundance coming my way. MMA is truly an investment in yourself right now and your future rich self to be!"

- Yvette

"I now feel much more confident and excited about turning my money situation around, and my money mindset has definitely improved! I would recommend this course to anyone who has any hang ups about money."

- Kim

"I recommend this course to anyone ready to open the door to significant progress in their life goals! The connections that I’ve made in the MMA community have been priceless to my personal and professional growth."

- Rachel

Serious ROI.

Before I joined Money Mind Academy, I was aware that my money mindset was in the tank, I just didn't know what to do about it. I knew immediately that this was the class for me.

I now have such a clearer picture of my stinking thinking and I'm attracting money and not repelling it! Sean's teaching is not only in depth, it's also generous and he gives way more value than the cost of the class.

Plus, the community itself is worth the price of admission. Serious ROI!

- Debra

"I had many personal break throughs, especially about being deserving of wealth. I would highly recommend MMA for anyone seeking to get to the root of their financial beliefs and begin to set them free."

- Karen

"Money Mind Academy is the single factor that helped reframe my thinking and pull me out of a dark space. It allowed me to face some false beliefs and taught me how to get rid of them. I can already see the benefits and it's really just the beginning. I wish everyone I know would take the course!"

- Rochelle

"I have a whole new understanding of how to use my mind to work towards my goals and it’s working! I’m manifesting the life of my dreams and I will continue to do so thanks to Sean and the MMA community. I recommend MMA to everyone who desires to set and reach their goals in life."

- Jenni

Before MMA, I was facing life as a single mum supporting a special needs child, on a very limited budget, with a vague direction to follow, that was so stimulating to me that I hadn’t acted on it for 5 years. I feel equipped to take on this challenge thanks to Sean. I finally feel like I can have what I really want.

— Liz

One of the most pivotal things in my life.

Applying what I've learned in Money Mind Academy has been one of the most pivotal things in my's literally changed who I am. I found myself engaged and finally putting into practice many things that I've heard about before, but never actually applied.

As a result, my money mindset and confidence have skyrocketed, my self image has transformed, and my family life is the best it's been. I'd wholeheartedly recommend you join the MMA family.  

- John

"If you’ve tried “everything” like I had, this is where you belong. I’ve found answers to questions I didn’t even know I had, more confidence, crystal clear purpose, and a fierceness in what I’m here to contribute."

- Thais

"MMA is the best thing I have ever done for myself! The transformation I have seen in myself, and my loved ones see in me, is incredible."

- Lacy

"Before MMA, I felt frustrated and restrained financially. I’ve come to see I can have both an excellent life and financial wealth.  It is a worthy investment in oneself,  plus I’ve gained an incredible supportive community.  I highly recommend diving in!"

- Laura

It has changed my life forever!

Before I enrolled in MMA, at 50 years old, I was in the most desperate financial situation I had ever been in. Basic expenses far exceeded my family‘s income and I was scared. Then along came Sean with his offer to join a community where a bunch of people support each other in a mindset shift that truly opened me up to seeing and achieving what I knew in my heart was possible. 

I literally manifested my dream job and am already earning twice what I was earning when I started the course just 10 weeks ago. I am forever grateful for Sean’s heartfelt and wise teachings and this wonderful community he has built. It has changed my life forever!

- Erin