Release Limiting Beliefs, Stop Financial Sabotage, and Create a Brand New Money Mindset in this POWERFUL 8-Week Course 


From: Sean Croxton Host, The Quote of The Day Show Creator, Money Mind Academy 

 Hey, we need to talk.  

But first, let me assure you that I'm not here to make a bunch of shameless claims and promises about how you’ll be a multi-millionaire as soon as you finish my "revolutionary" 8-week money mindset course.  

Totally not my style. Besides, you're smarter than that.  

What I want to talk about is a silent financial epidemic going on right now. The elephant in the room, so to speak. A hugely important topic that we tend to sweep under the rug and pretend it's not there. Until it's too late. 

Here's what I mean...  

If we were to follow one hundred people from the start of their working careers until they reached retirement age, here's what we'd find ...

One out of 100 will be wealthy.  

Four will be financially secure.  

Five will continue working ... not because they want to continue working, but because they HAVE TO.  

Thirty-six will have passed away.  

The remaining 54 will find themselves relying on a combination of Social Security checks, friends, charity, and other forms of public assistance to make ends meet. Many will depend on their own children for housing and financial support.  

That comes out to 5% enjoying financial independence throughout their golden years, while the others will struggle for the rest of their lives.  

Only five-percent. That’s not good.  

In a 2017 article published by CNBC, it was reported that the vast majority of Americans have under $1,000 in savings. Half have no retirement account savings whatsoever. Not even a dollar.  

The way things are looking, hanging your hat on Social Security is probably not the best idea. And we’ve all heard the heartbreaking stories of long-term employees waking up to find their hard-earned pensions gone down the drain.  

That brings us to this thing called inflation. When I was a kid, my big brother and I would ride the bus home from school for 45 cents each. Fast forward some thirty years and that same trip would cost us both $2.25.  

Due mostly to our government’s disturbing addiction to printing money and the resulting devaluation of the dollar, the cost of goods and services DOUBLES every 15 years or so.  

Remember when a vending machine spit out a bottle of soda for 75 cents? Doesn’t feel like it was that long ago, right? Today that very same beverage will run you a buck fifty!  

If the cost of goods doubles every 15 years, then so too does the cost of living.

Why is this important? Well, if your present cost of living is $40,000 a year, then in the year 2033 it’ll be somewhere around $80,000.  

I’m not making this stuff up. Time flies, my friend. Y2K feels like it was yesterday, right? The year 2033 will be here before you know it. Prices will go up. Wages and salaries won’t keep up with inflation. People will live longer.  


My point is, if you’re not taking your financial health seriously now, you may one day find yourself hitting up your kids for the spare bedroom in the basement and a monthly allowance.  

And that’s no fun.  

I get it, though. Most of us assume that we’ll get it all figured out before we punch our final timesheets. That somehow it will all work out.  

And maybe it will work out … someday. But let me ask you something, how are things going now?  

How’s your financial situation TODAY?  

Are you just barely getting by?  

Are you living “paycheck to paycheck” like 78% of full-time workers, according to a 2017 report from CareerBuilder? Or are you on your way to being in the 5% Club?

Let’s be honest. If your current financial life is all sunshine and rainbows, you wouldn’t be reading this. Things may not be going the way you’d planned. It’s uncomfortable. It’s uncertain. Sometimes it’s even embarrassing. And no matter how much you try to ignore it, you don’t like how it feels. 

Again, I’m not here to make reckless claims and promises. I know, you’ve probably been thoroughly turned off by all of the online courses and internet gurus guaranteeing that you’ll have a bajillion dollars in your bank account in 8 weeks or less.

I mean, when 78% are barely getting by these days, becoming a millionaire can seem just a wee bit unrealistic. But … 


Wait, scratch that! How would it feel to give yourself a 50-75% pay raise?  

What would you do with all of that extra cash?  

Would you pay off your credit card debt and school loans? 

Fire your boss?

Start your own business?

Send your kids to a better, safer school?

Take your family on quarterly vacations, first-class seats for everybody?  

Donate to a cause you truly care about?

Have dinner around the table every night? Buy a more reliable (and way cooler) car? Never miss another one of your kids' games? Maybe put a down payment on your dream home?  

Like everyone else in this world, you have dreams. Dreams of living a better life and providing the very best for the ones you love. Chances are these dreams have absolutely nothing to do with an oversized mansion, a yacht, or the highest tax bracket. 


You want to be financially-free. Not only in retirement, but now. Right now!  

You want to have options. To not feel obligated to make decisions based on what you can and can’t afford. To take your family on grand adventures and create unforgettable memories.  

To not have to budget every ... single ... thing you do and every purchase you make.

To order what you really want off the menu. To breathe easy when the server delivers the check, and to feel like a rock star when you pay the entire tab and leave a generous tip.  

You don’t have to be a millionaire to have options.  

I totally get it. You’ve set out to change your financial situation before. It may have been a New Year’s Resolution that started off with a bang but ended with a thud. Or a valiant promise to yourself and to your family to raise your standard of living.

Yet nothing changed. Everything stayed the same. It ALWAYS stays the same. 

Ya know, this reminds me of one of my favorite quotes ever. The late, great motivational speaker Jim Rohn once said …  

“If you took all the money in the world and divided it equally among everyone, it would soon be back in the same pockets.”  

That might be the truest statement ever made about money.  

In fact, Mr. Rohn’s words aren’t so much about money itself but something called:  


Have you ever stopped and wondered why some people have a way of attracting all the money they’ve ever wanted, while others seem destined for struggle?  

Most would assume that, for THE 5% among us, it has something to do with a better education, more connections, advanced job skills, or being born into money.

And yes, there’s some truth to that.  

But ... not as much as you might think.  

I mean, we all know people with fancy degrees who are barely making ends meet, or practitioners with countless certifications but can’t seem to land a single paying client.  

On the opposite end of the spectrum, I’m sure you’ve heard at least one story about the single mom from the wrong side of town who turned her simple idea into a multimillion dollar company.  

So if it’s not where you’re from, who your parents are, or the education or connections you have thus far ... 

What is it that separates the financially prosperous from the struggling?  

Well, the answer to that question has everything to do with that thing I mentioned earlier — prosperity consciousness — or the way you think, feel, and behave when it comes to money.  

THE 5% THINK differently about money. They FEEL good about money, about people who have money, and the idea of themselves having an abundance of it.

Because of how they think and feel about money, they behave in a way that others don’t. And they go on to enjoy the freedoms that many others won’t.  

In other words, their brains, bodies, and financial goals are all on the same page. And where there’s no inner conflict or resistance, there can be no sabotage. Everything just flows.

That’s the difference!  

The truth is, your financial circumstances have very little to do with anything outside of you. Instead, they have everything to do with the beliefs, ideas, and opinions you have within.  

Beliefs about money.  

What you believe to be true about yourself -- what you can and can’t do, what you believe you deserve and don't deserve.  

No matter how many times you try to improve your finances, your goals will always collide with your conflicting beliefs about money, repeatedly ending in self-sabotage. Time after time. Year after year.  

But what if you could discover how to identify your long-held (and oftentimes unconscious) limiting beliefs about money and replace them with ones that get you on the same page inside with the prosperity you’ve always wanted on the outside?  

It’s possible! 

In fact, as you continue reading this page you’ll hear from dozens of men and women who have done just that by raising their prosperity consciousness. 

Each attended Money Mind Academy, an 8-week money mindset program designed to reveal, release, and replace or reconcile the long-standing beliefs and conflicts that have deprived you of the financial freedom you not only desire but deserve.  

Throughout the course, you’ll learn how to completely revamp your Money Mind by becoming aware of limiting beliefs, expanding your self concept, shifting your self-talk, and reprogramming your subconscious mind by literally pruning away disempowering brain circuits and sprouting brand new connections that will move you toward the abundant life that you and your family deserve to live.


  • If I have more money, others will have less. I don't want to take more than my fair share.  
  • I’ll have to work too hard to reach my money goal.  
  • If I make more money, everyone will judge and criticize me.
  • I can’t be prosperous and live a spiritual life.  
  • I'm not enough. I don’t deserve an abundant life.  
  • My financial pursuits will take me away from my family.  
  • I don’t want to out-earn my spouse, parent, or sibling; that's not my role.  
  • It’s too late for me. This ship has sailed.  
  • I'm bad with money. Always have been, always will be.  
  • The pursuit of financial wealth will ruin my physical health.  



This program has seriously changed my life! Sean drills down on the most important ways to let go of limiting beliefs that have been hanging around since childhood. He uses proven scientific research to illustrate how to change your mindset and calm the negative conversation that goes on in your head. It’s woo-woo backed up by science. IT WORKS, PEOPLE! If you want to let go of fear and apathy and create the life you dream of, sign up today. 

Louisa Koistinen  

“My Bank Account has NEVER Looked Better!”  

I've been an entrepreneur for over 10 years and could not figure out why I was having issues attracting the type of money I wanted for myself and my business. This class blew my mind and is well worth the investment. I received so much more than I bargained for and will take this over and over again to be the best I can be.  

Throughout the course, I was signing the types of contracts that I needed for my business monetarily, I reached my philanthropy goal for the year (ALREADY in March!) and my bank account has never looked better. This is a MUST take course for anyone who is serious about creating a money mindset and reaching their money goals. 

Leah Frazier  

“Everyone Should Take this Class!”  

There is an old saying that “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks” and I am here to tell you that is a lie. I enrolled in Money Mind Academy because, at 67 years of age, I knew if I did not change the way I looked at money, money would not find its way to me. I have never looked forward to attending a class liked I looked forward to attending Sean’s class. 

I gained such insight around money and it changed me. It also changed how I conduct my business. The exercise that Sean gives you literally helps to embed this new information into your mind. Bottom line: EVERYONE should take this class, because the passion and knowledge in which Sean’s delivers this class is unexplainable.  

Karen Grant  

“One of The Best Investments I've Made on Myself.”  

Money Mind Academy is one of the best investments I've made on myself. You will NOT be the same person after 2 months of hanging out with Sean (and that's a good thing)! You'll attract more prosperity into your life in all directions. 

You'll uncover SO MUCH about the ways you sabotage yourself and break free from those limiting patterns. On top of that, you'll meet other awesome folks who will make this journey so memorable. The good vibes and support network can't be understated. I will be returning to this class again and again to keep learning. This stuff works no matter where you are in the world!  

Lulu New Zealand  


100% Online: On Your Own, Or Taken Together 

All of your Money Mind Academy classes, community calls, and worksheets are 100% online and accessible by computer, tablet, and smart phone.  

You’ll be able to attend the LIVE online lessons (Tuesdays at 5pm PT/8pm ET) and Community Calls (Fridays at noon PT/3pm ET), or you can access the replay videos, audio files, and worksheets in your MMA student portal.  

Most students enjoy the accountability of having to “show up for class.” Others prefer to catch the replays. Either way works!  

Expect each lesson and Community Call to run 60-90 minutes. Homework assigments will require 45-60 minutes per week.

You will have unlimited, lifetime access to the MMA course. If you fall behind ... because Life Happens ... you can revisit and review the materials at any time and at your own pace. 

Plus, with the Forever Enrollment perk, you can re-enroll in subsequent MMA semesters at no additional cost. Once you're in, you're in for life! 

“The Best Money I’ve EVER Spent on a Course.”  

Sean Croxton is PHENOMENAL and Money Mind Academy is literally MIND-BLOWING!! I have enjoyed this class more than anything I’ve joined before and actually saw the shifts occurring as we moved through the modules each week. I uncovered belief patterns from my childhood and now understand why I would sabotaged my dream of becoming an entrepreneur.  

The other bonus is the community of people in this group are like no other I’ve experienced. They have been the most supportive, like-minded individuals that I hope to maintain a life-long connection with to call on if needed. What can I say, this is the best money I have ever spent on a course and I also have access to take it again!

Rhonda Alawine  

“I’ve FINALLY Been Able to Stop Self-Sabotaging with Money. ”  

Over the years, I’ve done a lot of work to get myself on track financially. Nothing has been so effective as Money Mind Academy. The budget spreadsheets, envelope systems, cutting up credit cards ... these are practical things but they only work long term if your head is in the game. And mine was in the game only until something went on sale that I wanted, ha!

Thanks to MMA, I’ve finally been able to stop self sabotaging with money. The emotional charge of dealing with and speaking about finances is gone. We’re making huge progress on our financial goals and changing our family’s money legacy. MMA is definitely one of the best investments I’ve made in myself.  

Thanks, Sean!  

Jennifer Bostic  


Identify and resolve the core Money Conflicts standing between you and the prosperous life  

Make quick decisions with confidence, and take instant action with clarity and purpose  

Feel confident charging what your products and services are REALLY worth … or asking for the raise you surely deserve

Set a precise financial goal that you can work toward with confidence and enthusiasm  

Tap into your power of intuition, the source of your very best ideas and plans, by adjusting your brain waves and managing your emotions.

PERMANENTLY release the limiting beliefs and stories undermining your money goals

Attract the people, events, & opportunities you need to achieve your financial aspirations  

Meet new like-minded friends and contacts in our incredibly active Money Minders community  

Renew your perception of money as a tool for making a positive impact in the world  

A new sense of self-assertiveness, self-compassion, and permission to speak your truth in all areas of life  

Handle inevitable judgements and criticisms with strength, grace, and compassion for self and others  

Conquer self-sabotage FOR GOOD by aligning your money goals with what’s important to you  

Dramatically expand your self-worth to match your money goals and welcome abundance into your life, guilt-free

Build a solid, consistent visualization practice to build new, prosperous neural connections in your brain 



Your relationship with money literally began at birth. During the most formative years of your life, the beliefs, ideas, and opinions of others were programmed into your brain. In this lesson, we’ll uncover the roots of your beliefs about money and abundance. This one is a real eye-opener!


There's a funny thing about limiting money beliefs. When you really think about them, they make no logical sense. We'll use simpe 5-step process to completely obliterate any and all limiting beliefs you have about money. You'll be shocked by how simple this is.


Be very excited about this one, my friend. Because you’re about to discover a little-known UNIVERSAL LAW that, when followed, will put your financial abundance on speed dial.


To THINK abundance and FEEL lack is to repel the very thing you wish for. In this class, you'll learn how to bring your head and heart -- thoughts and feelings -- into a powerful state of mind and body that will open yourself up to receiving!



Science is showing that the key to rewiring your brain is mental rehearsal. In this lessson, you'll learn the step-by-step formula for using Creative Visualization to reshape your inner and outer life. Your subconscious mind will never be the same again.


Your brain is a goal-seeking organ, and its "intention center" needs a specific destination. But to establish any goal, you must MAKE A DECISION about what you want. In this class, I'll walk you step-by-step toward determining a worthwhile and inspiring goal for your financial success.


Goal-setting always goes wrong when your goal is out of alignment with your core values. This week, Sean walks you through an exercise that will get you into full alignment. Plus, you'll learn how to redesign your life to match your money goals.


Just like there are laws of physics, such as gravity and thermodynamics, there are certain Laws for Prosperous Living that are fundamental to creating your dream life. As you move along your financial journey, you’ll be putting each of these laws to work. Trust me, you’ll be glad you learned them!


I’m Sean Croxton, host of The Quote of The Day Show podcast. Nice to meet you!  

I’m an author, entrepreneur, and total N-E-R-D. For a long time, I fought a losing battle with my money mindset. Despite being an entrepreneur at heart, something was blocking me from enjoying financial success.

After stumbling upon a life-changing audio interview, I began my journey of dropping the limiting beliefs that were sabotaging my success.

Since having my Money Mind transformation, I’ve earned millions of dollars in personal income. But what I’m most proud of is not the money itself, but the philanthropic work it helps support.  

I’ve made money make a difference. That's what it's all about. And I can't wait to show you how!  

Dear Sean,  

You are the epitome of elevated emotions that inspire us. I feel like your mission is to make everyone realize how amazing they already are. You have taught me that growth and success comes not from wishing about what I could become, but knowing that I am already enough. I am so happy & grateful that the universe put you in my path. It is enlightening to see how you become more empowered & successful everyday by empowering others to own their unique gifts. 

And most amazingly you’ve invited everyone into the cool kids' club. Your ability to make everyone feel a personal friendship and connection to you is supernatural! You are the kind of friend everyone wishes they had, and you open your heart to be a friend to everyone through unconditional love and acceptance. I am so happy & grateful that I get to share torus fields with you!  

Love from your friend,  

Stacey Payne  

“Thank You, Sean. From The Bottom of Our Hearts.”  

For the past 9 months, we had become more aware of our self-limiting beliefs around money. We had noticed that every time we attempted to start a new venture we would either sabotage ourselves or lack the self-esteem required to see it through. When we saw Sean promoting the course we immediately knew that it was the right next step for us so we signed up straight away.

As we progressed through the course, Sean's teaching uncovered even more preprogrammed beliefs that we were totally unaware of. Sean is a great teacher and was able to translate complex ideas into everyday language, which allowed us to really understand where we needed to make positive changes in our behaviors. We thoroughly enjoyed the course, it was well executed, well presented and there were plenty of opportunities to interact with Sean and our fellow students.  

Thank you Sean, from the bottom of our hearts, we are your students forever.  

Diana and Kevin Jones (UK)


As a Money Mind Academy student, you’ll have all of the support and encouragement you need from Sean, our MMA alumni, and your fellow Summer Session enrollees.  

In addition to the 8 core MMA lessons, we meet up every Friday afternoon year-round to share your wins, work through struggles, and receive the counsel you need to continue moving toward your abundance. 

We also have one of the most active Facebook communities on the internet! 

Money Mind Academy is where you find "your people."  


8 LIVE ONLINE CLASSES Tuesdays @ 5pm PT/8pm ET  

Classes are broadcasted via the FREE Zoom video conferencing platform - view by computer, tablet, or smart phone. Attend from anywhere!  

LIVE COMMUNITY CALLS Fridays @ noon PT/3pm ET  

Got a question about this week's lesson? Need support from Sean and your MMA classmates? This is where it happens!  

UNLIMITED ACCESS to the MMA Members Portal  

Can't make it to a live class or call? Worry not! Everything is recorded and uploaded to your private members area, where you can access streaming video and audio replays, plus worksheets.  

LIFETIME ACCESS to the MMA Facebook Community  

  Easily the most supportive money mindset communities on all of the internet! Lifelong connections and relationships begin here.  


Once you're enrolled in Money Mind Academy, you're in FOR LIFE. Take the course as many times as you want by attending subsequent MMA semesters at no additional cost. 


This course NEVER ends. We meet every Friday, even in between MMA semesters. Attend the live Friday Community Calls year-round! 





You're Protected with Our 100% Risk-Free Money Back Guarantee  

When you attend the classes and complete the assignments, this course is guaranteed to completely transform your relationship with money and attract more financial prosperity into your life. There’s no other course like it. 

I am confident that this course will change your life. And I’m more than happy to back that up with a 100% Risk-Free Guarantee. If you are in any way unhappy with Money Mind Academy, contact us on or before July 5th, 2019 to request a full refund. No questions asked.  


“More Powerful and Helpful to My Life than I Could Have Anticipated.”  

Money Mind Academy was more powerful and helpful to my life than I could have anticipated. I got to walk into the hallways of my Money Mind and check out the wallpaper and where it came from -- ie. my unconscious money beliefs.

I also learned to differentiate between my own values and beliefs vs. those of others. This has allowed me to activate healing as well as forward momentum towards what is truly important to me moneywise. The process was team-oriented, which was very helpful. Sean and the group of humans he attracts were a supportive compassionate tribe who also want to grow and change. I am now using psychology to improve other areas of my life! Once you start learning from Sean about how your mind & psychology affects your money, it's hard to stop exploring and improving other aspects of your life.  

Christina Bertelli  

“He Delivered!”  

About a year ago, when Sean mentioned on his Quote of the Day podcast that he was working on a money mindset course, I knew I would be signing up. I was familiar with his ability to simplify and make complex subjects easy to understand. 

As expected, he delivered! I was shocked at how many negative money beliefs I uncovered and thrilled by the number of opportunities that have been coming my way. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!  

Andria G.  

“From Scarcity Thinking to Abundance Thinking.”  

Life Changing! I’m so glad that I enrolled in Money Mind Academy. I really needed to do the inner work to clear limiting beliefs about money that I had from childhood, and boost my self-esteem. I’ve gone from scarcity thinking to abundance thinking about money, and it has expanded to other areas of my life. Everyone should take the MMA course. It should be required to graduate from high school or college. Take action and enroll.  

Desiree Lawn  

“It Changed My Life Immediately.”  

I had seen the videos for Money Mind Academy in the past but thought it wasn’t for me. After all, I have a budget, a positive attitude about money, and an abundance mindset. And yet, when I attended the initial Money Mindset Masterclass, I learned so much about the brain, our habits, and where our blocks may be that I knew I had to sign up. 

The information in the Masterclass was so powerful that it changed my life immediately. By the end of the course, I had gotten a raise at work and taken my business in a new direction. My thoughts and language around money had changed completely. And more abundance was coming into my life than ever before (and I had a pretty good flow before!). I have already signed up to take the course again so that I can take it to the next level.  

Thank you so much Sean. These last eight weeks have been life changing. I can't say enough about it.  

Joyce Slaughter  

“The Most Interesting Course on Manifesting and It Works!”  

I've taken numerous money manifesting courses. Sean's course is very unique. Most courses teach you to release your resistance and just continue asking the universe for what you want and you'll get it. BUT that's only a tiny fraction of how to manifest.  

I was feeling frustrated that I wasn't able to always manifest on demand. And when I could manifest something, it felt like it would happen after months of struggle. That led me to believe that maybe I wasn't meant to have my desires or maybe I wasn't spiritual enough and if I would just be more spiritual then I would get what I wanted.  

As I worked through Sean's modules I realized manifesting has nothing to do with "how spiritual" you are. It's literally science! Now I understand the science of being in a state of gratitude and how that literally sets up my vibe for receiving and how my sense of self worth was blocking my manifesting! Not only am I manifesting on demand more, but I raised my self-esteem and the resistance to setting up systems in my business to bring in more revenue started to fall away. MMA is the most interesting course on manifesting, and it works! I highly recommend it.  

Carol Lovett  

“Since Enrolling in MMA My Life has Been Everything But Ordinary.”  

If you have even the tiniest curiosity what this may bring forth, then take action! Today is the day. Since enrolling in MMA my life has been everything but ordinary. The sessions with Sean have brought forth deep awareness on brainy things like why we do what we do, why we think the way we do, and what really drives our actions, and therefore our results. And my fave was the role our heart plays in all that work of mind. The harmony between the thought and feeling that is essential in manifesting our goals.  

 The complex information is presented with ease and simplicity and therefore serves as invitation to identify and dig deep to uncover my inner money mindset, its shiny layers and all its shadows. The homework, yes the homework, is an integral part of the whole course, because doing it is learning it, is applying it, is changing it! And as result, I continue to choose the road that serves my greatest goals (in-spite of fears and protesting ego) and I am loving my new awesome lifestyle!  

Thank you so much, Sean.  


“I Made $3,600 Right Out of The Gate.”  

I didn't have the money to sign up for his Money Mind Academy and I spent days trying to figure out how to make it work. Eventually I opted into the the payment plan and BOOM, everything in my world changed.

We hear these stories about big shifts and think they are BS, right? Not for me. After two weeks of class I launched a digital program I had been working on (sitting on, truth be told) for 4.5 years. Stuck in a never-ending head game for long enough, I stepped out on a limb and did a 30-day launch without any of my content deliverable … then I got to work.  

Without running a single ad, I made $3,600 right out of the gate. This beta round helped me finance the things I needed to level up and get to market -- video equipment, microphone, educational platform, etc.  

I went from stuck to in the flow in weeks! The course started on January 15, 2019. By March 19th, my earnings surpassed my ENTIRE ANNUAL EARNINGS 2018. This course isn't just about money, it's about your mind as well. You'll be blown away by the far-reaching effect that the tools he teaches will have on your financial, emotional and physical well being. Run, don't walk to sign up for this one, folks. It's a TOTAL GAME CHANGER.  

Jodi Brown, CEO Chef, Educator, Organizer

“MMA Helped Me Pay Off $100K in Credit Card Debt and Generate Over $400k in Revenue!”  

Money Mind Academy (MMA) is something every human being should go through. If you have money blocks, worry that you are not worth your value or any of those stories that might be in your head, MMA is for you.  

If you want to serve people at a greater level and also hit your financial goals, then this is for you. MMA helped me pay off $100k in credit card debt and generate over $400k in revenue. And this is only the beginning. 

Michelle Weinstein  

“I've Received My Two Largest Commission Checks EVER.”  

Before taking MMA, I had been trying for YEARS to figure out how to make more money. Logically, things made sense. Except, I didn’t realize that I was consistently sabotaging my own efforts. Writing down goals and then forgetting about them. Not paying bills on time simply because I couldn’t be bothered - the list went on.  

As early as the first week of class, things began to change for me! I have learned to set goals and how to stay motivated to stick with them and have also received my two largest commission checks ever (also largest paychecks ever in my life) within the last month.  

THIS IS NOT A FLUKE OR A GET RICH QUICK SCHEME. This is fundamentals on how your brain works, allowing you to bypass your self-sabotage and gain self-esteem on your way to straight up glory. Thanks, Sean!  

Ryan Kluttz  

“I Had a Revenue Record-Breaking Week.”  

Halfway through the course I had revenue record breaking week, three times what my usual weekly average was. MMA contains super practical advice that you can apply that day, plus Sean teaches the course; you can't get better than that! My only regret is not registering for this course sooner.  


“MUCH MORE than Finances.”  

Money Mind Academy is MUCH MORE than finances. The course really helped me put into perspective the “mind” portion of my financial self-accountability. Over the years, I’ve tried several other courses, read books, did budgets, the envelope system, etc., but this course taught me so much more, about how to direct my thoughts and emotions, not just about finances and money, but the ideas and SCIENTIFIC PROOF that Sean presents in this course can be used in all areas of your life.  

Sean has become an inspiration, mentor, and on-line friend, who truly cares about his students. I encourage anyone who is struggling, doubtful, on even just interested in getting your life straightened out, or back on track, sign up for Money Mind Academy. You won’t be disappointed!  

Steve Maedl Austin, TX  

“I was Able to Manifest the High-Paying Job of My Dreams!”

The Money Mind Academy course is absolutely amazing! 

Although it's all focused towards making more money (of course), Sean carries a wealth of knowledge of how the human psyche and subconscious brain work and how you can re-wire them so you can hit your goals. And he drops all of these knowledge bombs in a warm, funny, entertaining way, like the down-to-earth kind of guy he is.

Enrolling in Money Mind Academy was a MAJOR reason that I was able to manifest the high-paying job of my dreams, and the friends that I made in the course continue to encourage me to be the best version of myself.  

Rachel Williams

“You Will Not Regret One Cent Spent on This Course.”

Money Mind Academy has given me the tools to change my life. Not just my financial life but my whole entire life. This class is not about how to save money but how you can attract more money in to your life by changing the way you think. 

Sean gives you great tools to figure out just what your money goals are and the roadmap to achieve them. He is crystal clear that it takes work to get there and it isn’t a magic bean that will help you reach your goals. It is within all of us to achieve great things, to make money and to live a prosperous life. This class will help you get there. You will not regret one cent spent on this course and if you do the work, your life will change.  

Stephanie Ewals  

“Take This Class!!!”

I took this class and it blew open a whole new way of being for me! I've heard people talk about being "in the flow," and this class showed me how to get in it. 

I now have goals that I previously thought impossible and am moving towards them with specific actions every day. And the community you will meet in these classes is amazing! If you want more goodness of any kind in your life, take this class!!!

Amber Lackey Austin, TX  

“I was Sabotaging My Ability to Make Money as an Entrepreneur!”  

MMA gave me the knowledge and tools to understand the beliefs and habits I had that were sabotaging my ability to make money as an entrepreneur. The course also allowed me to reframe my expectations for life in retirement when that comes.

I fully expect that over time the value and money which comes to me in the future as a result of my new understanding will more than cover the cost of the course. Kudos to Sean for distilling so much research into this wonderful resource.  

 John Bauer

“Incredibly well-researched, educational and, life-changing class.”  

Money Mind Academy is life changing! If you apply the lessons you learn early on in the program, it won’t be just your money mindset that changes. The way you look at life and respond to challenging situations will change in a very beneficial way. 

I’ve gone from scarcity thinking to abundance thinking about money, and it has expanded to other areas of my life. The weekly live Q&A classes are a great way to bring the class together and support and motivate each other. Even though I only watched the live classes as replays, due to time differences, I found they kept me going if my motivation was faltering.  

I’d thoroughly recommend this incredibly well-researched, educational and, life-changing class from the passionate and kind hearted Sean Croxton.  

Stuart Glasgow  

“MMA gave me the confidence to believe in myself!”

The MMA course was excellent. I highly recommend it to anyone that wants to get more clarity around their business goals and personal goals! 

It was incredibly helpful and motivating. This course has already helped expanded my Holistic Wellness Coaching business (Blue Butterfly Holistic Wellness) and jewelry business (Sugar Stone Designs) in exponential ways by giving me the confidence to believe in myself and what I have to offer. Thanks, Sean!  


“Hands Down the BEST Course I've Ever Taken! 

Thank you, thank you, thank you! MMA is hands down the best course I've ever taken. It is truly life-changing to be exposed to — and, most importantly, supported in implementing — this rich information! 

Laura Newby  

“Not Only Very Informative, But Entertaining and Engaging!”  

Sean is very well researched on the science behind why we make the decisions that we do in regards to money (and anything else in life, for that matter) and he knows how we can develop the habits to begin getting what we really desire. 

This course is not only very informative, but Sean is also very entertaining and engaging when divulging knowledge. There are so many facets to this course that I find myself diving back and digesting the material over and over. I plan on enrolling again!  

Nick B.  

“I am FINALLY at Peace with Money.”  

I came into Money Mind Academy with so many self sabotaging behaviors around money. As I was moving thru MMA it all started to make sense why I felt stuck with money. Since then, because I FINALLY get it, I’m now able to apply the tools I learned and finally come to peace with money. As a result of this I’m currently sitting in Spain working remotely living my dream life free of any money blocks  

Stephanie Dodier  

“The Concepts are Applicable to MORE than Money.”  

After having made the decision to restructure my relationship with money about a year ago, Sean’s MMA class was the next and final step for me. Class six and seven were game changers and I am literally a more empowered person. 

What I like most about the program is that the concepts are applicable to more than money - it’s applies to relationships, time management, and ultimately how to focus on what you want in life.This class sets you up for making a positive impact. 

Brittney Young

“My Income Increased by 25%!”  

The course content, the research, and the delivery were all top-notch. And so were my results! 

While enrolled in the class, my income increased by 25% and, most of all, I opened myself to an opportunity and attracted $85,693 in net assets! NONE of that would have happened if it weren't for this course. It's not magic ... it's real world hard-knocks stuff (and magic too). 

 Most of all, I can't wait to keep working with the material, deepen my relationship with it, and I'm pumped to see what's next on the horizon!  

Blake Gafford  

“Helped Me Acknowledge the Limiting Beliefs I Had Around Money.”  

I am SO glad that I signed up for MMA. Sean’s class helped me acknowledge the limiting beliefs I had around money while providing me with practical tools to develop financial success. 

Sean’s energy is infectious; I left each class feeling motivated and excited to take action, and I did! Sean clearly lives what he teaches and is passionate about sharing his knowledge with his students.  

Laura O.

“Taking My Business to The Next Level!”  

As a health practitioner I have struggled for years between the mindset of giving, loving and serving anyone in need and the mindset of wanting to be abundant myself. I have read many books and listened to many great talks about the subject of a positive money mindset, but until Sean Croxton's Money Mind Academy, it never sunk in. 

I believe the biggest shift for me was the actual neuroscience that Sean researched and put into his program. Now I'm on the path to taking my business to the next level, which in turn will help me to serve more people. This time from a purely abundant mindset. Thanks Sean!  

Jason Piken DC, CNS  

“I Got a $10,360 Raise Since Completing This Course!”  

The MMA is a true game changer! This course will teach you more than just how to make more money. Since completing the classes I’ve earned myself an additional raise in my annual salary of $10,360. And I finally gained the confidence with Sean’s encouragement to publish my first YouTube video! 

I’ve learned about why I’ve made the decisions I’ve made concerning money and how to dismantle negative self-talk and rationalizations that previously sabotaged my ability to earn more money.  

There’s nothing “get rich quick” about this program but once you begin to change your thinking it’s amazing how quickly positive results begin to manifest. Two thumbs way up!!!!  

Jason C.  

“I Attracted $4,000 and a New Car in One Week!”  

Money Mind Academy brings to life Sean’s gift of making complicated subjects simple and actionable. I had so many ‘ah-ha’ moments that led to inspired action and real positive money experiences - like attracting $4K and a new car in one week! 

Now that I feel more confident in this area of my life, I have no doubt that I will achieve great things because of this course. It's amazing how when you know better, you actually do better.

Thanks, Sean!  

Shannon Caton

“Legit, Heavy-Duty Transformation!”  

Money Mind Academy is a legit, heavy-duty transformation. 

Sean doesn't leave any stone unturned in helping us take ownership of our psychology and beliefs around attracting, deserving or bulldog money and wealth. 

This is an easy-to-follow but seriously well-designed process that I wish he had made years ago.  

David White

“I Now Have a Brand New View on Money”  

Sean has done a first-class job with this Money Mind Academy class. His authenticity and passion shine through in every class and Q&A session. The tools that he provides that helped me break thru my limiting beliefs were life-changing. 

Sean created an judgment-free environment that allowed me to be vulnerable. I now have a brand new view on money and apply this vision in all my businesses and, most importantly, in my LIFE!!! Thanks, Sean!  

Dr. Michael Acanfora

“From Uncertainty to Confidence When it Comes to My Finances!”  

There’s this thing called resonance, and when you feel it, well, it’s best to let it flow. Thats how I felt about Sean. There was this feeling of "yeah, I am gonna try this program. It feels right.” Thats what I did and am I ever so happy I did!  

I have gone from uncertainty to confidence when it comes to my finances. Sean breaks down the self-made barriers to abundance in an engaging, upbeat manner that has enabled me to feel completely in charge of my abundant life.  

Sean has a way about him that is real, raw, in tune. No hype. No drama. Just wise words, direction, and drive. He encouraged me to make a decision. A big decision that sent me in a direction I didn't see coming, but it was there all along. Now my creative juices are flowing. My new YouTube show is being built with purpose, creativity and joy. The Law of Attraction is evident every day with the multitude of pieces easily coming into place. MMA is the bomb! Thank you, Sean!  

Rhonda Enea

“Well Worth Your Time!”  

Money Mind Academy does not disappoint. Sean clearly and comprehensively breaks down the connection between our values, our beliefs, and our goals to have major breakthroughs - not only in our businesses but our lives. This course is well worth your time if you want practical ways to stop limiting beliefs and grow your business.  

Erin Holland





You're Protected with Our 100% Risk-Free Money Back Guarantee  

When you attend the classes and complete the assignments, this course is guaranteed to completely transform your relationship with money and attract more financial prosperity into your life. There’s no other course like it. 

I am confident that this course will change your life. And I’m more than happy to back that up with a 100% Risk-Free Guarantee. If you are in any way unhappy with Money Mind Academy, contact us on or before July 5th, 2019 to request a full refund. No questions asked.  

With the 100% risk-free MMA guarantee, you have absolutely nothing to lose but a life-altering opportunity to join the ranks of those living the abundant lives they want and deserve. This is your chance to write a more prosperous and generous money story, transform your Money Mind, and STOP money sabotage, once and for all. I’ll be with you every step of the way.  

See you in class,  

Sean Croxton


How does this course work?

All 8 lessons are presented via Zoom livestream video each Tuesday beginning June 4th at 5pm PT/8pm ET. In addition, 8 one-hour Community Calls will be held each Friday. All classes and Community Calls are recorded and made available in your password-protected members area. 

Is this an online-only course?

Money Mind Academy is a 100% online-only course. Printable homework assignments and exercises will be included in the course. If you do not own a printer, no problem. All you’ll need is a pen and notebook to complete the weekly assignments.

Is any special software required to attend the live classes and Community Calls?

Our Tuesday classes and Friday Q&A calls will be held via the Zoom meeting platform. A quick and easy download of the Zoom software is all you'll need to attend. All classes and Q&As will be viewable on your desktop, laptop, tablet, and smart phone.

Do you guarantee that I’ll earn more money by attending this course?

Yes and no. If you take this course seriously, do the work, and complete the weekly assignments, you will transform your Money Mind. If not, you won’t. Real change requires your full participation and engagement. It’s all up to you. I'll certainly do my part!

What if I am unsatisfied with my purchase?

If you are unhappy with your investment, you may contact our support team at info@seancroxton anytime before July 5th, 2019 to request a full refund. Your refund will be processed immediately, no questions asked.

Will future versions of this course be made available to past attendees?

Absolutely! With your enrollment, you will be able to attend and participate in all subsequent courses for years to come. Enroll once and you’re in for life!




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