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Here's What the Marketing Gurus NEVER Tell You ...

⚠️ Internet marketing courses have a 3% success rate!

Why? Because building a successful online business is more than
social media strategies, copywriting tips, and funnel hacks.

The truth is, growing a business is 80% MINDSET. Your business is a reflection of how your brain is wired.

Register for this 100% FREE online event and discover how to use my
Boss Brain Method — a science-based, 3-step system designed to give internet entrepreneurs like you "a hidden edge" that will permanently eliminate the mindset blocks that have been stopping you from turning information into action, making an impact, and building your dream business.

Here's just some of what you’ll learn:

👉🏾 Why 7-figure bosses like Marie Forleo, Brendon Burchard, and Gary Vee have the impact, income, and happiness that most entrepreneurs want but don't have. You'll be SHOCKED by what makes them different from the rest. Plus, how you can create a Boss Brain just like theirs.

👉🏾 Is Silent FEAR Destroying Your Business? Find out how unconscious fears, anxieties, and inner conflicts are why you struggle with making decisions, innovating new solutions, and taking committed action in your business. And what you can do about it. (DO NOT miss Day 1!)

👉🏾 How to PERMANENTLY ERASE limiting beliefs about sales, marketing, and money ... so you can enroll and sell without feeling sleazy, get your products in front of the right people, and finally start charging what you're really worth.

👉🏾 The Procrastination Cure: Find out WHY you do it and how to STOP IT, so you can create consistent high-quality content that connects with your customers, develop and launch your signature product or service, and start making money. 💰💰💰

👉🏾 The Truth About Impostor Syndrome: Why you feel like you don't know enough, what your brain has to do with it, and why even the BIGGEST bosses still struggle with it. (If they only knew THIS!)

👉🏾 How to Silence Your Inner Critic: Discover 3 simple strategies for changing the mean, nasty conversation going on in your head. The chatterbox that talks you out of taking action and tells you why you can't do it. Consider it GONE! ✌🏾

WHO is The Entrepreneur's Mind Intensive for?

The Coach

You have the skills and the certification(s) to help people crush their life, health, or business goals. But you're not attracting the kinds of committed, compliant clients who value your work and are willing to pay you fairly for it.

You've spent tens of thousands of dollars on your education — courses, live seminars, and books. But you haven't enrolled enough clients to make your money back. Lots of investment with little to show for it.

This isn't going the way you'd imagined. Not even close. You're wondering if you've made a mistake. (So are your friends and family.) Deep down you know something has to change.

Let's start with your mind.


Limited-time recordings available to all registrants.

The Expert

You've got the goods. Over the years, you've developed mastery in your field of expertise.
People want to know what you know. They want you to teach them how to do it. And they'll pay you for it!

But there's something that's holding you back from launching the YouTube channel, starting the podcast, writing the book, or creating the course you've been talking about.

Just the thought of going live on social media gives you the sweats. What if you mess up? (You will.) What if they criticize you? (They will.) What if you're wrong? (You will be.)

That's the life of an expert who's willing to feel the fear and help people anyway. Why? Because people need you.

How happy and fulfilled would you be if you were living that life?

Limited-time recording available to all registrants.

The Course Creator

You don't need another course on how to create a course. It's time to get it done, launched, and out to the world.

For every day that your course isn't available, real people are struggling with a problem that you can solve. They're looking for you ... but you're nowhere to be found. Because you're waiting for the perfect time, to feel like you know enough, for everything to be just right.

My friend, you already know enough. And the time is now. Let's find out what hidden fears, conflicts, and beliefs are getting in the way of you having a massive impact on people's lives.

No more hiding. Let's prove to you and to everyone else that you have what it takes.

Because you do.

Limited-time recording available to all registrants.

Meet Your Host

I’m Sean Croxton, creator of The Boss Brain Method and host of The Quote of The Day Show podcast.

As a Certified Transformational Neurocoach, I use brain science to help coaches, experts, and online course creators break through their mental blocks so they can have the confidence to launch, grow, and scale their online businesses.

If you're an entrepreneur who's stuck in the cycle of starting and stopping, starting and stopping, I help you identify and resolve the limiting beliefs, inner conflicts, and hidden fears that are stopping you from having the impact, income, and happiness you deserve.

I can't wait to help you!

Limited-time recording available to all registrants.

Register now for this 100% FREE Online Training!

LIVE on Zoom, January 25th thru 27th
Limited-time recording available to all registrants

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Let's get your mind right.

Let's build your Boss Brain.

See you soon!

Limited-time recording available to all registrants.